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Freethinkers and Atheists of Virginia (FAVA) Is winding down as an active group in Virginia. Our YahooGroup no longer accepts new members and will cease operation in the very near future. Rest assured! Freethinkers and Atheists are thriving and growing as a cohesive community in Southeast Virginia and beyond. FAVA has simply been eclipsed by more active groups with whom we share(d) many members in common. This web site will remain accessible for many months to come; so you can check out the links and find fellow Freethinkers, Atheists, Humanists, and other like-minded friends. Most active by far is the Tidewater Atheists Group. TAG's web site (under construction) has links and contact information. Another burgeoning group is the Ethical Humanist Society of Tidewater Virgina (EHSTV).
Our charter and purpose is simply to provide social events to any atheist or atheist-friendly people (families, friends, etc.) in the Hampton Roads area.
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Click to meet others involved in raising freethinking children.
CAUTION !!! Reverend Jeremiah's sermons may frighten children, as well as the un-saved. Click now to get inspired, or to just have fun in the arcade.
Carrying the Torch of Freethought into the Murky World of Religious Madness!
SRHR meets at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Click to begin exploring pseudo-science, junk science, and the supernatural
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Because so many violations of human rights have their source in religious authoritarianism.

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Science & Reason Science and Reason in Hampton Roads (SRHR)
Meets 2nd Thursday each month at ODU
Darwin Day
Feb 12th
Visit the Darwin Day web site to find out ways to celebrate the birthday of this giant of history; or post information about your plans.
... a truly international Celebration to express gratitude for the enormous benefits that scientific knowledge, acquired through human curiosity and ingenuity, has contributed to the advancement of humanity.
National Day Of Reason
May 3rd, 2007
The National Day of Reason
Occurs each year on the first Thursday in May 
Local Authors
Matthew Taylor His book: Tent Revival for Agnostics
Check out the commercial on YouTube
Bridgette Powers Her book: Muslim Madness & Hatred

I am not God, but I know something that he doesn't
God does not know how it feels to finally succeed after a series of
God has not had to battle depression, or has to fight for his self-
God has never lived though a divorce, or lost his job, or felt
foolish. God does not know how good it feels to be imperfectly human.
Does God have nothing to learn?
God cannot be dead.
God has not tasted life.
If God existed I might have compassion for him
Perhaps sympathy for his plight

by Bim Willow

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