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Contact: Tom Russel

The Ethical Humanist Society of Tidewater Virginia

EHSTV is ... a democratic (small "d"!) group exploring and discussing topics in Humanism and Ethical Culture. We hope this will lead to a deeper sense of belonging as we develop our like-minded community of mutual commitment and support.

... we adopt an affirmative stance on the necessity for and the ability of humans, acting as individuals and within groups, to improve the world through democratic ethical decision-making and co-operative actions.

EHSTV takes no group position concerning existence or character of a deity – this is clearly an individual matter. Our primary, stated interest is in non-theistic understandings of ethicsated.

"Humanists spend far too much time conducting factual vivisections of myths and irrationality, and too little time building alternatives to the unique supportive communities congregations provide, and people need." - C. Martin Centner, "Humanists Need Congregations", Humanist Network News, 5/17/06.