Hello Again. This newsletter is for current or former members of the Freethinkers and Atheists of Virginia (FAVA), our YahooGroup, our friends over at the Tidewater Atheists and others. If you do not wish to this Newsletter, reply and let me know and I'll update my email list. If you have already responded to notices through the YahooGroup you don't need to respond to this email.


Events – Milestones – Announcements


FAVA’s August 2005 Gathering is on schedule for Saturday, the 20th at Lauren and Jan’s. Bring a dish or beverage to share if you can; but don’t let that stop you if you can’t. We’ll provide hamburgers, hotdogs, and soft drinks. There’s always plenty to go around. Directions are at the bottom of this newsletter.


Late Breaking Picnic Alert. Melissa and Doug over at Tidewater Atheists have issued and open invitation to their home in the Deep Creek section on Saturday the 20th as well. It’s not competition folks. It’s expansion! The starting time is 5pm. Contact me and I’ll send you more details. If you are unfamiliar with that area of Chesapeake don’t worry, the creek isn’t all that big.


November 11, 2005: A rally and march is planned for the Mall in Washington, DC on Veteran’s Day to acknowledge and honor Atheists in Foxholes. Mark your calendar and check for updates in upcoming months.


The NoGodBlog is described by American Atheists as “one of the fastest growing blogs in the Atheist/Freethought/Secular Humanist community.” It’s the product of Dave Silverman, Communications Director for American Atheists. Check out the link and decide for yourself.


The Raving Atheist is a blog that’s been around for awhile. If you decide to check it out, perhaps you can explain why their section on hate sites includes a link to their own blog! What’s up with that?


Member and Local News


Plans are slowwwwly moving forward to attract speakers to the area. We’d love to hear your ideas on some local folks who might be good candidates. Here are a couple of non-local possibilities.


Clark Moeller was the first President of the now-disbanded Pennsylvania Alliance for Democracy (PAD). He held that post for four years. They still maintain a rich but inactive website called PADNET which appears to have a bunch of links and material of interest to folks like us. Clark would most likely deliver a talk on Church-State Separation, but he might present a sort of performance piece on the same subject. Click here to read some of his work.

Ellery Schempp is a physicist who was involved in the development of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); but he is also semi-notorious as plaintiff in a Supreme Court case way back in 1963 known as Abington School District vs. Schempp (consolidated with Murray et al. v. Curlett et al.) –  Something to do with schools and praying and Bibles and such.


Fun Stuff


Dr. Schempp wrote an essay entitled: Warning: Gravity is “Only a Theory” which advocates that all physics textbooks should include the following warning label: “This textbook contains material on Gravity. Universal Gravity is a theory, not a fact, regarding the natural law of attraction. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered.” Read the full text here.


“Today I was blessed to receive a divine revelation from our Almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster. I have the privilege of informing you that it is His will that I become His Bride, in order that the Savior of mankind (who is to be called Macaroni) may be born on this earth. The FSM has revealed to me that your body is to be the vehicle by which his holy seed shall be transmitted in earthly form.”


Huh you ask? Find out what FSMism is and what it has to do with Kansas, Evolution, Global Warming, and Pirates. Note: Their website was not responding (8/18) when I last checked. You can Find them on Google and view the cached site instead.


Meetups and Discussion Groups

Unless otherwise stated, these groups and countless others can be found at Yahoogroups.com. You can take part in discussions or read posts anonymously. It’s not chat! It’s email.


Click here for FAVA’s Yahoo group. It has grown a bit in members and activity over the past 6 months. You can expect 20+ posts a day ... sometimes more. Goals: Discussion and Activism.


Click here for the local Separation of Church and State group, which is an extension of a meetup group by the same name. This group has recently seen a burst of activity. You can expect 5-10 emails per day. Goals: Education, Discussion, and Activism.


Tidewater Atheists is dedicated to getting Freethinkers and Atheists out for social activities. You can expect less than 5 emails a day right now.  Goals: Organizing social activities.


The Norfolk/Virginia Beach. Separation of Church and State Meetup takes place on the 2nd Thursday of each month. The next one takes place on Thursday, September 8 at 7:00PM. The location remains at Shoney's Family Restaurants, 6667 E. Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk



Other News and Information


Freethoughtradio continues to evolve. Get headlines from the Atheist News Service along with the usual commentary and satire. Whether you can donate or not, listening is free. Spread the word about this one of a kind internet radio station for freethinkers and atheists. Broadband listeners click here to listen now. Dial-up listeners click here.


Get a daily dose of news of interest to atheists from the Atheist News Service. ANS is provided by the Atheist Law Center and its founder Larry Darby. Larry was formerly the Alabama State Director for American Atheists Visit their link and sign up for the newsletter.


Regular Notices


Meetups for Norfolk Atheists, Freethinkers, Secular Humanists, Brights, and Others continues to enjoy great turnouts. This one takes place on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. The next Atheist Meetup will be on Tuesday, August 16th, 7pm at DC Chase’s, 20th St., Norfolk. This is hosted by Sean and Michelle over at Tidewater Atheists.


Science and Reason in Hampton Roads convenes on the second Thursday each month on the campus of Old Dominion University. The location is usually Room 130 in the Mills Godwin building. The time: 6:30 until 8pm or later. This is not a www.Meetup.com function. SRHR has been on hiatus for the summer. Meetings resume in September.


FAVA gatherings now take place on alternating months. Check www.fa-va.com or www.AtheistDominion.org for additional information.


If you live out past Newport News or in Suffolk or points west, please suggest a place to meet and some of us will try to get out there to meet you. DO YOU KNOW of any upcoming opportunities for freethinkers and atheists to join a rally, a coalition, or demonstration? Perhaps speak at a gathering or put up an information table. Perhaps march in a parade. Drop me a line.


Directions to Lauren’s House


2692 Springhaven Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456 (757.689.2758)


Our neighborhood is called Castleton. It's off London Bridge Road. There's a 25ft, lighted flagpole at the entrance - hard to miss. There's also a lot of white, horse-farm type fencing throughout - also hard to miss.


From the Oceanfront

Take Pacific Avenue South.

Pacific becomes General Booth Blvd.

After 2 miles or so turn RIGHT on Dam Neck Rd.

After 2 miles or so turn LEFT on London Bridge Rd

Go 1/4 mile and turn RIGHT into Castleton.

Follow directions below for Castleton.


(If you miss the turn for Dam Neck just continue on General Booth and turn right on London Bridge Rd, and follow the instructions for Strawbridge)


From the Strawbridge area of Va. Beach

Take London Bridge Road about 1 mile.

Turn LEFT into Castleton.

Follow directions below for Castleton.


From the Amphitheatre

Take Dam Neck Rd (east) about 2.5 miles.

Turn RIGHT on London Bridge Road.

Go 1/4 mile and turn RIGHT into Castleton.

Follow directions below for Castleton.



As you enter you'll immediately have to turn.

Turn RIGHT on Tower Bridge Loop.

Follow this ring road.

You'll eventually reach Kingsland Lane.

Turn RIGHT on Kingsland.

Take your next two RIGHT turns, and
you'll be on Springhaven.

We're down on the LEFT at 2692.



Thanks for allowing me to get in touch.


Lauren Floyd

President, FAVA



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