Sure. We can and will provide links to other sites. We can and will recap our meetings here. We can and will mention and comment upon interesting or troublesome news stories. But we can't do it alone. Your feedback is vital. Please read below and respond to the ideas you like or suggest some ideas of your own.

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Here are some thoughts about what to look for in the future.

  • Links to Freethought and Atheist web sites.
  • Links to internet radio sites of interest to freethinkers
  • Your email comments
  • Images and audio submitted by you
  • Images, audio, and text from meetings.
  • A list of movies, plays, TV shows with positive freethinking characters or themes
  • A list of Books, Articles, Magazines with comments from our members
  • Poetry
  • Thoughts on raising children to be freethinkers
  • A Freethought "toolkit" of ideas, quotes, debate techniques, etc. to download to PDAs.